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When the conversation turns to watches I mention that Jackman wearsthe 41mm Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarumon his right wrist. He says, "Yep. I'm a leftie." The director made me wear the watch for the firsttime on my left wrist in the Eddie the Eagle movie.

He likes the exotic world-timer. The Orbis is a scream of quality, from the faceted dauphine dials and crisp letters to the world map with its light and dark Continents. It takes inspiration from Rolex Replica Watches Metamorphosis II as well as Rieussec Rising Hours. The sapphire dial in the center shows the continents from the North Pole. The continents have been openworked so that the rotating disc with light and dark zones below can tell at a glance whether it is night or day.

Around the globe are the names of the 24 cities that represent the time zones. By pushing a button at 8 o'clock, the time can be adjusted by positioning your local city at 6 o'clock. The crown can then be used to adjust the hours and minutes in order to set the local time for the city selected. The time in all 24 time zones will then be displayed on the sapphire dial.

Jackman says, "I got it just today." Wearing this piece will revolutionise me. I'm constantly checking the world clock in order to avoid calling family members in Oz or US at the wrong hour.

Hugh Jackman, Deborra Lee, Oscar, Ava, and the adorable mutts Dali & Allegra live in New York City. He describes it as a city with a phenomenal energy. He smiles at the idea of family life,IWC Portuguese Replica saying: "I love that my kids are growing up in such a diverse environment." I work out and get up early. I'm a 'normal' dad, husband and do all the 'normal' life stuff. I coach soccer, take my daughter to the school or whatever is going on that day. "We have dinner and then homework."