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The Cold War was threatening to become hot at the end of the 1970s. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and started installing SS20 missiles that targeted NATO bases in Europe. Meanwhile, the US planned to install cruise missiles in bases across Europe. And the US failed to rescue hostages in Tehran.replica watches The Cold War was a time when both sides knew that war would be fought primarily in Germany. NATO allies France, the UK, and the US were stationed there, and the Bundeswehr (federal German army) had the largest number of men in Western Europe.

Cold War map of Central Europe. NATO (blue), against the Warsaw Pact.

The Soviets would use submarines and mines to block the harbors of Western Europe and Germany to NATO reinforcements if they attacked. The German Navy knew that it would have to improve its mine-clearance capabilities. This was done by recruiting and training mine-clearance specialists and building minesweeping vessels.

The IWCOcean 200 Bund watch is available in five different models: for the Waffentaucher, the 3509 or 3529 automatic, for the Kampfschwimers, the 3314 or 3315 quartz,Rolex Submariner Replica Watches but for the purposes of this article, the most rare and complex model, the ref. The 3519 AMAG was developed especially for the Minentaucher.

Non-Magnetic Requirements

The Soviets wanted to protect their technology, so they fitted the mines with anti-handling devices that would explode if anyone tried to defuse them. The mines were often triggered by magnetic devices, so any mine-clearance diver had to use non-magnetic equipment.